Our relationship to food is fundamental. Food can illustrate personal histories, cultures, our values and ideals. Food production encompasses everything from local farming to agribusiness, food trucks to chain restaurants. Access to food is shaped by politics, markets and governments. This spring's edition of Amherst Today will explore food through a variety of disciplines including anthropology, politics, entrepreneurship, chemistry and history. Tastings will feature wines, olive oils, local beers and more.

Speakers include Amherst professors Deborah Gewertz, G. Henry Whitcomb 1874 Professor of Anthropology; Jessica Hejny, Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies; Rick Lopez ’93, Professor of History and Environmental Studies; Chris van den Berg, Associate Professor of Classics; Patricia B. O'Hara, Amanda and Lisa Cross Professor of Chemistry; and a panel of alumni entrepreneurs. We will cook with author Betty Rosbottom, eat great food with Jeremy Roush, Executive Chef, Amherst College, and share in a local food lunch. Stay tuned for further program details.

Space is limited. Registration is $75 per person (includes program and meals).

Twice a year, in the fall and spring, Amherst Today provides alumni, parents and students the opportunity to experience a two-day on-campus program, offering intellectual exploration and discussion on a single topic. Each Amherst Today showcases Amherst faculty and alumni who are experts in their fields. Group size is limited and the cost for most programs is $75. Amherst Today is a unique way to reconnect with the Amherst experience.