October 2011 Featured Book

Come%20on%20all%20you%20ghosts Come on All You Ghosts
by Matthew Zapruder '89

"Zapruder's improvisations (or so they appear) enlist the reader as co-explorer, stumbling into candid self-revelations or surreal quips with wide-eyed grace." --Library Journal

Matthew Zapruder's third book mixes humor and invention with love and loss, as when the breath of a lover is compared to "a field of titanium gravestones / growing warmer in the sun." The title poem is an elegy for the heroes and mentors in the poet's life--from David Foster Wallace '85 to the poet's father--and demonstrates a new, expansive range for the poet. Surprising and direct, Come On All You Ghosts wrestles with the desire to do well, to make art and to confront the vast events of the day.