June 2011 Featured Book

What Should I Do? by Alexander George What Should I Do?
by Professor Alexander George


Life throws ethical questions at us every day, some momentous and difficult, some fairly trivial and easily resolved. To help the average person deal with such puzzling issues, the website AskPhilosophers.org brings together a panel of distinguished philosophers who respond to questions submitted from all over the world.

What Should I Do? is a collection of some of the most interesting questions about ethics to have appeared on the website. The philosophers offer down-to-earth, often personal responses to guide readers in a helpful direction and encourage further reflection. The book explores questions about how to behave toward one's friends, members of one's family, and even toward oneself. It examines the moral dilemmas faced in professional relationships, in our treatment of animals, in our use of the environment, and even in our relation to God. Broadening still further, the book considers the questions people have about the nature of morality itself.