November 2012 Featured Book


The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us
Francis Tapon '92

"Tapon has produced a profoundly insightful and humorous travel narrative. ... Not just a tourist, Tapon is a true traveler in the tradition of Paul Theroux and Jan Morris, with the antics and sense of humor of a Bill Bryson but his own perspective and sense of adventure. He has compiled a perceptive volume about a part of Europe that most readers do not know. This book will inspire travelers to take a look at these emerging nations."  - Library Journal, March 2012

Francis Tapon's quest was simple: explore every country in Eastern Europe from the Gulf of Finland to the Black Sea. He saw them all in 2004 and then returned in 2008 to see what had changed. He finally left in 2011 to share a side of Europe that few know.

The Hidden Europe is an entertaining travelogue that also shares practical lessons. You'll learn about today's Eastern Europe along with the complex history of this fascinating region. You'll also understand why smart money and groundbreaking tourists are flocking to this undiscovered territory.