May 2015 Featured Book

The Gentleman Bat cover
The Gentleman Bat
by Abraham Schroeder '01

"Writing in rhymed couplets with a solid meter, Schroeder describes a world that comes alive by night, as bats dressed to the hilt in Victorian finery meander through cobblestone streets under gaslight...Parda's watercolor-and-ink illustrations are painted in quiet grays, warmed by the glow of lanterns and storefronts. He lavishes attention on the bats' suits, gowns, and accessories, and tucks visual jokes into some of the scenes (a quintet performing in a bandstand plays their music upside down, naturally)." - Publishers Weekly

Join the charismatic gentleman bat on a nighttime stroll down cobblestone streets where the town is lively and energetic.  Along the way he meets his lady friend. Dancing and merriment fill their evening until the weather takes a turn.  But not to worry, when you're called the gentleman bat, you always come prepared. The Gentleman Bat is an original story with a timeless appeal. While it takes place in the Victorian era, it has the universal appeal of two friends, or perhaps more than friends, enjoying a walk together.  But what really sets The Gentleman Bat apart are the illustrations. Piotr Parda's watercolor and bamboo pen and ink paintings are meticulously crafted. The Gentleman Bat is sure to become a favorite book for children and the adults in their lives.