Feel Better Now...Meditation for Stress Reduction and Relaxation cover
Feel Better Now...Meditation for Stress Reduction and Relaxation
by Mr. Gary I. Halperin '89
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Avid Reader Press; 2003; 102 pp.
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Self-help
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Stress is a leading cause of many health problems. Being unable to relax also significantly decreases our quality of life. We hear it all the time--you need to reduce stress and relax. Yet we are seldom instructed as to how to achieve this result. Meditation and yoga instructor, Gary Halperin, has taught thousands of people how to meditate in order to take control of their lives. After numerous requests, he wrote Feel Better Now...Meditation. Now in a simple easy-to-use format, anyone can quickly learn to use classical meditation methods to reduce stress and enjoy life.

This book is for anyone who wants to learn a method to relax, those who have never meditated and want to learn, as well as experienced meditators who want a new perspective on the practice. In one or a few sittings, you can learn how and why to meditate. You will learn that meditation is about practicing your focus on process without worrying about the results.