The Breast Cancer Companion: A Complimentary Care Manual
by Dr. Kelly G. Jennings '98
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Brains & Braun; 2009; 512 pp.
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Health/medicine
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Despite the fact that most women with breast cancer seek complementary care while undergoing conventional
treatment, there have been few practical reference guides written for physicians and practitioners who want to
know more about complementary therapies. How do herbs and chemotherapy work together to kill cancer cells?

Which common nutritional supplements are contraindicated when patients are undergoing surgery and radiation?

What does holistic cancer care mean and what things may help prevent cancer recurrence?
These questions and more are answered in compelling and precise detail in The Breast Cancer Companion. This
reference guide takes a critical look at breast cancer treatments – both conventional and alternative – and outlines a strategy for practitioners to help women make informed choices about preventing and treating the disease. It also serves as a bridge between the conventional medical and naturopathic world – increasing the confidence and knowledge about common anti-cancer therapies utilized in both medical systems.

Written by naturopathic doctors, with commentary provided by naturopathic and conventional medical oncologists, this manual speaks to MDs, NDs, NPs, DOs and other health-care practitioners alike, with the breast cancer patient’s best interest in mind.

Inside: You will find up-to-date information on which anti-cancer herbs, supplements and other natural products are safe for patients to take. Included are samples of guided-imagery, dietary recommendations and handouts, as well as resources for specialized lab testing. Most importantly, you will learn about individualized holistic cancer treatments that facilitate transformative healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

“The Breast Cancer Companion is a true gift to practitioners desiring to serve women with breast cancer from
the heart and mind of a beloved naturopathic colleague.”

— Dr. Tori Hudson, N.D., author of The Women’s Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine,
Director of the Institute for Women’s Health and Natural Medicine