The Renaissance Perfected: Architecture, Spectacle and Tourism in Fascist Italy
by Dr. Diana M. Lasansky (Medina) '90
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Penn State University Press; 2005; 560 pp.
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Art, History
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Anyone acquainted with the beauties of Tuscany will be surprised to learn that architects, planners and administrators working within fascist programs fabricated much of what today’s tourists admire as authentic. Public squares, town halls, palaces, gardens and civic rituals (including the famed Palio of Siena) all were “restored” to suit a vision of the past shaped by fascist notions of virile power, social order and national achievement in the arts. Ultimately, Lasansky forces readers to question long-standing assumptions about the Renaissance even as she expands the parameters of what constitutes fascist culture. Lasansky is an assistant professor of the history of architecture and urbanism at Cornell University.