Kissing in Technicolor cover
Kissing in Technicolor
by Ms. Jane E. Mendle '98
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William Morrow; 2004; 352 pp.
Genre: Fiction
Category: Literature, Media studies
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From a wonderful new voice in women's fiction comes a debut novel, written with energy, wit and humour, about finding love in the pretentious, often comical, world of film school.

Charlotte Frost, film student, is overdosed on ambition. Despite grandiose romantic fantasies, Charlie's locked herself in a workaholic ivory tower until hunky soap opera star Hank Destin enters the picture. Charlie finds herself, against her better judgement and snooty film school training, inexorably drawn to Hank. Their fairy tale relationship soon turns to dust, however, after Charlie casts Hank in her master's thesis –– a retelling of Madame Bovary set in 1950s New England. Before she can live happily ever after, Charlie finds that she must re–evaluate her dreamy, elitist ideas about what constitutes talent, success and ultimately love.