Emergency medical care: The neglected public service cover
Emergency medical care: The neglected public service
by Alfred M. Sadler Jr., M.D. (Fred) '62
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Ballinger Pub Co; 1977; 327 pp.
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Health/medicine
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Emergency Medical Care – the Neglected Public Service was coauthored with Yale colleague Samuel B. Webb Jr. Dr. P.H. and was published by Ballinger Publishing Company in 1977. It was based on studies the authors completed at Yale Medical School in 1973 and addressed the need to reform the patchwork quilt of emergency medical services that existed in Connecticut and nationally. It served as the basis for the first national program launched by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation which funded 44 sites across the country in 1974 to build regional EMS systems based on the Yale model. The work also served as the template for legislation in Connecticut which established eleven EMS regions in the state.