Strengthening Couple Relationships for Optimal Child Development cover
Strengthening Couple Relationships for Optimal Child Development
edited by Dr. Marc S. Schulz '84
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American Psychological Association; 2009; 244 pp.
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Psychology
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This volume presents cutting-edge research and theory on couple relationships, with an emphasis on the implications for child development. It brings together developmental psychopathology experts, couple relationship researchers, and clinician-researchers who have developed innovative preventive couple interventions. Divided into three parts, this book demonstrates the influence of couple relationships on parenting processes and child development; explores the determinants of couple functioning, relationship satisfaction, and relationship stability; and highlights innovative couples- or family-based interventions designed to promote strong couple relationships, stable families, and healthy child development. It also addresses the policy and clinical training implications of the intervention studies. With its diversity of theoretical perspectives--including attachment, family systems, developmental, and social learning frameworks--this book will be an invaluable resource for clinicians, researchers, and family and health policy professionals.