From Naked Ape to Superspecies cover
From Naked Ape to Superspecies
by David T. Suzuki (Dave) '58
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Greystone Books; 2004; 406 pp.
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Environment, Science
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In this revised and fully up to date edition of From Naked Ape to Superspecies, David Suzuki and Holly Dressel describe how we have evolved beyond our needs, trampling other species in the process. We learn about how human arrogance—demonstrated by our disregard for the small and microscopic species that constitute the Earth’s engine and our reckless use of powerful herbicides or genetically engineered crops—is threatening the health of our children and the safety of our food supply. But it’s not too late to change our course. From Naked Ape to Superspecies shows us that we are at a turning point—we can either push ahead on our path to destruction or we can reshape our place in nature and prosper. A new introductory chapter provides an overview of how the world has changed since the first edition was published. The final chapter of the book has been revised, and new examples and analyses have been added to the existing chapters throughout the book.

Copublished with the David Suzuki Foundation.