Lifting the Fog of Legalese: Essays on Plain Language cover
Lifting the Fog of Legalese: Essays on Plain Language
by Mr. R. Joseph Kimble (Joe) '67
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Carolina Academic Press; 2005; 216 pp.
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Law
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This book is unique. No other American book combines the strong evidence and myth-busting arguments for plain legal language with so much practical advice and so many useful examples. And no other book is more likely to open lawyers' eyes to the emptiness of legalese — the style that has afflicted legal writing for centuries.

Joseph Kimble, a leading expert on plain language, has collected in this one book many of his published essays. They will interest and inform judges, lawyers, law students, legal scholars, and anyone else who engages in legal writing. If writing is the lawyer's most valuable skill, then no lawyer can afford to be without Lifting the Fog of Legalese. It will change the attitude of those who resist plain language and inspire those who have embraced it.