Historiography of Christianity in India cover
Historiography of Christianity in India
by The Reverend Dr. John C. B. Webster '57
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Oxford University Press India; 2012; 272 pp.
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Asian Studies, History, Religion/spirituality
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Moving beyond the missionary perspective, this book adopts a historian's approach to the documentation of Christianity in the region. Webster's first-hand knowledge of social dynamics of the region as well as familiarity with sources form the basis of this socio-cultural history of the Christians in India. Wide in its scope, his narrative reaches back to the early days of the Europeans in India, as well as strides forward in meeting the challenges of modern India like religious conversion and identity of Indian Christians. From tracking down the elusive Ditt in Indian Christian history to the understanding of Christianity through the perspectives of subalterns like women and Dalits, this book furthers a case for the interpretation of Indian social history through Christian history of the region.