See Spot Run 4 cover
See Spot Run 4
by Mr. Ronald A. Lourie '77
View author page | View alumni profile; 2012; 61 pp.
Genre: Fiction
Category: Memoir
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In this long awaited sequel to books 1-3, Ronald Lourie picks up the adventure, and revisits some earlier formative moments where his social filter was completely removed from his body, had there ever been on to begin with. Growing up in New York was never supposed to be easy, but Ronald certainly made it as adventurous (read difficult) as possible. From high times to low times and back again, Ronald brings you on a ride of a lifetime and discovers the humanity in the most unlikely, unlikable and occasionally unfathomable of people.
Ronald’s adventures will take you on an incredible journey through the life of our hero. By incredible, I mean in the most specific way that they are hard to believe, but like all good fiction there is more truth in them than people are generally comfortable with.
The most difficult and dangerous elements of society come to life here, across America and the incredible diversity of culture, real heroes and villains take life and inspire. The terrible and wonderful things people are capable of shape our view of the world, and from the most unlikely corners come fighters who will go the distance. We all want to think we will do what’s right when the time comes, and we all secretly expect that others will fail those expectations. Often we are right, and good deeds are punished, but sometimes we are wrong. Sometimes life delivers us lessons from unexpected heroes.