Refuge (American Poets Continuum) cover
Refuge (American Poets Continuum)
by Dr. Adrie S. Kusserow '88
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BOA Editions, Ltd.; 2013; 88 pp.
Genre: Poetry
Category: Poetry, Travel
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As an anthropologist, Adrie Kusserow's ethnographic poetry probes culture and globalization with poems about Sudanese refugees based in Uganda, Sudan, and the United States, especially the "Lost Boys of Sudan." The poet struggles with how to respond to suffering, poverty, displacement, and the brutal aspects of war. Much of this exploration is based in poems in which a mother is also bringing her family to a larger global arena.

Adrie Kusserow is a professor of cultural anthropology at St. Michael's College. Her international fieldwork supports girls' education in South Sudan and youth media literacy in Bhutan. She lives in Underhill Center, Vermont.