Discovering Princeton cover
Discovering Princeton
co-authored by Dr. Jennifer L. Jang (Jen) '91
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Wiebke Martens
Schiffer; 2017; 160 pp.
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Art, Travel
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This photographic guide features five fully illustrated walking tours of the charming New Jersey town with seventeenth-century roots and the renowned university at its core. Explore the heart of Princeton University as well as its more modern sections; downtown Princeton, including some of its oldest neighborhoods; and the campuses of Princeton Theological Seminary and the Institute for Advanced Study. Each walk highlights the town’s rich history, varied architecture, and a multitude of local attractions, ranging from museums and theaters to parks and playgrounds. For those who want to roam a bit farther, a host of ideas for short outings and longer excursions in the greater Princeton area are included. With compelling full-page images and informative captions, this unique guidebook will appeal to both locals and guests and makes an ideal gift or keepsake.