Ephebophile's WEB cover
Ephebophile's WEB
by Mr. Luis E. Bonano '87
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Aaron Colombo
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2017; 220 pp.
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Autobiography
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Luis Bonano, Class of ’87 published a powerful and compelling narrative about his experiences as a young Puerto Rican boy growing up in the South Bronx, who valiantly survives abuse by a child predator, and forges ahead to meet the challenges of attaining an elite education at Amherst College. The book is also a triumphant testament about the overcoming of devastating news concerning his health at the prime of his youth. In his book, Ephebophile’s WEB, written under the pseudonym of Aaron Colombo, Luis introduces the reader to some of the complexities and often unexamined realities of what it means to go from the inner city to the idyllic setting of the Amherst campus. In a most eloquent and graceful manner, Luis shares with us what it was like to be a Latino student at Amherst and then in captivating details describes how his hopes and dreams were shattered when he contracted a deadly virus. The trajectory of his life took a dramatic turn after completing his premedical studies at Amherst and the aftermath of the virus had enormous and lasting consequences on his physical, mental and emotional state. Luis’ aspirations of becoming a physician were forever deferred and his very existence at one point was precarious at best. His highly personal anecdotes bring the reader to a world of wonderful possibilities and subsequent situations teetering on hopeless despair. Luis displayed heroic courage when confronted with unimaginable circumstances as a recent Amherst graduate. He truly embodies the strength of the human spirit in his herculean capacity to surpass incomprehensible obstacles. As the main character in this story, Luis is like a ray of sunlight that sheers through dark clouds. This inspiring and audacious story of survival, forgiveness, and resilience is a must read.

Hard copies of the book can be ordered through the Amazon Kindle website. Individuals interested in contacting Luis may email him at aar.colombo@yandex.com.