Momarchy: Why Moms Rule the World cover
Momarchy: Why Moms Rule the World
by Ms. Mary Nugent Van Note '85
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Colleen Burns Harristhal
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2013; 144 pp.
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Gender studies, Parenting
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Welcome to Momarchy, a place where moms rule the world. And why shouldn’t they? The role of mom in American culture and commerce is nothing short of, well, imperially amazing. At last count, 85% of all U.S. spending flowed though the hands of women. That’s why here at Momarchy, we believe the hand that rocks the cradle rocks the economy,too. So grab your scepter and join us as we make a fun, fact-filled, fresh argument for why moms rule, or shall we say, reign. Colleen Burns Harristhal, Beth Perro-Jarvis, and Mary Van Note are marketing mavens and friends by day, and moms, wives, girlfriendwranglers, and authors by night. They live in Minneapolis, MN with their beloved husbands and numerous children (err, not together. This isn’t that kind of arrangement).