1972 Farm Journal: A Back-to-the-Land Movement Story cover
1972 Farm Journal: A Back-to-the-Land Movement Story
by Mr. Oakes A. Plimpton '54
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iUniverse; 2011; 132 pp.
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Memoir
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1972 Farm Journal is a transcription of a journal the writer kept that summer living on a communal organic farm in central New York State. Every day's entry is about the ins and outs of the farming venture - machinery operation and break down, success and failure in planting vegetables and marketing them, relations between the people, particularly relations between the sexes, relations with the local people who came with beer to offer advice, and to see what's up! Added is the other partners memories and present situations. We had a 36th year reunion in 2008, for one of the communal partners still owns the farm. Photographs then and now.