Death Can Delight: A Trio of Mysteries cover
Death Can Delight: A Trio of Mysteries
by Mr. Joseph J. Amiel (Joe) '59
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2019; 2019 pp.
Genre: Fiction
Category: Mystery/thriller
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3 murderous mysteries! 3 mystifying murders! 

A trio of stories imbued with the wit, drama, complexity, and surprises that characterize author Joseph Amiel's novels.
In "The Girl Who Spoke Ventriloquism", a U.S. army vet intent on killing a man who committed a vicious crime meets an enchanting violinist performing in a Killarney pub. She can't speak but, oh, does he get an earful from her talkative friends! Their next stop: Ireland's Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival. 
"Judgement Day" centers on Kyra and P.B., teenage girls raised by lesbian moms who have been a couple all the girls' lives--until P.B.'s mom walks out with her to marry a man! And not just any man, the judge everyone in town would kill if they could. But some things should be kept within the family.
In "Deadline Divorce" a billionaire divorces his wife just before the expiration of their pre-nuptial agreement, cutting her off without a cent. When hubby dies without a will and his now ex-wife stands to inherit nothing, her hustling lawyer swings into action.