Worlds Apart (The Mackov Chronicles) cover
Worlds Apart (The Mackov Chronicles)
by Mark D. Gusack M.D. '76
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2018; 450 pp.
Genre: Fiction
Category: Science Fiction
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Mackov is a dreamer. By day; a shunned laboratory technologist laboring under the mocking eye of an overbearing manager. By night; an itinerant inventor struggling under the petty rule of a grasping wife.Bynova is an EmpressThe forceful, yet self-doubting ruler who has lost the love of her life to her greatest rival, Unssa. Now, with the help of a treacherous Imperial Council, Unssa schemes to take the throne as well.Thrown TogetherThese two embattled lives collide in a desperate fight to stop an onrushing planetoid that threatens to destroy Earth. As Mackov falls into a forbidden love for Bynova, their enemies plot to thwart their efforts, eliminate him, and topple her.A TrilogyThis is the first in a series that begins with the clash of two cultures and ends in a life-and-death struggle against a heartless anti-civilization that threatens the entire the galaxy.Why you should read this bookThis book is a recipe for a possible future: Pour together several critical advances in bio and computer technology. Fold in several questionable social trends. Mix well with the spoon of self-delusion. Then, bake for an unspecified amount of time. Sprinkle with the usual insanity that underlies human behavior. Serve cold.