Fun USA Educational Activities with Herkimer and the Stat Pack cover
Fun USA Educational Activities with Herkimer and the Stat Pack
by Dr. Sanderson M. Smith (Sandy) '60
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Author-House; 2011; 320 pp.
Genre: Fiction
Category: American Studies, Education, History
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This is the third book in a series of adventures involving Herkimer and a group of ten students who call themselves the Stat Pack. The first two books related to two very practical and useful mathematical subjects, statistics and finance. They were not written to be textbooks; each consisted of a series of easy-to-read vignettes involving conversations and interactions between the fantasy character Herkimer and the Stat Pack students who had a genuine desire to learn mathematical concepts that would be important and valuable as they progressed into adulthood. The statistical adventures of this group can be found in THE STATISTICAL ODYSSEY OF HERKIMER AND THE STAT PACK and the financial explorations in HERKIMER AND THE STAT PACK VENTURE INTO MONEY MATHEMATICS Both books represent AuthorHouse publications. A reader of these books would learn much about statistics and finance as they shared the experiences and activities Herkimer created for the Stat Pack. In this book the students actually join Herkimer in creating a series of fun activities designed to help readers gain a better understanding of the wonderful country known as the United States of America. It is designed to be of interest to all age groups. Adults can enjoy the book as well as children. In this period where geography is infrequently taught in schools the activities herein represent a potential source of educational family fun and enjoyment. The book should serve as a reminder that useful and meaningful educational adventures can take place outside of the school classroom.