Jumping the Median cover
Jumping the Median
by Dr. Douglas E. Green (Doug) '77
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Encircle Publications; 2019; 61 pp.
Genre: Poetry
Category: Poetry
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Jumping The Median serves as a reminder that the best poets no longer live in New York. This is the bravest, most honest book of poems I’ve read in a long time.
—Klecko, Hitman-Baker-Casketmaker:
Aftermath of an American’s Clash with ICE

In Jumping the Median, D. E. Green, like a medieval troubadour, lights up the dark corners of our quotidian life, those places we often ignore at our own peril. In poems of both formal verse, such as sonnets and sestinas, and in free verse, he excavates a deep vein with great skill and finesse as he journeys along the path, illuminating the love and joy and richness he finds in the shadows.
—Cary Waterman, Threshold: New and Selected Poems

D. E. Green is a learned poet, but he wears his learning lightly, leavening it with humor and deep sympathy for the human condition. He can riff on Prufrock or meditate on the fractured history and broken politics of several countries, then provoke sudden laughter with perfectly placed humor, and make us turn to look at ourselves both more critically and with more compassion. He writes from a place where we jump the median into the oncoming traffic, but manage to escape from the wreckage and dance ourselves back to wholeness.
—Rob Hardy, Poet Laureate of Northfield, Minnesota, Author of Domestication: Collected Poems 1996-2016