Title Name Class Year Genre Publication Yearsort icon Role
Imagine a City: A Pilot's Journey Across the Urban World Mr. Mark A. Vanhoenacker '96 1996 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni
Awakenings: American Jewish Transformations in Identity, Leadership, and Belonging Rabbi Joshua M. Stanton (Josh) '08 2008 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni
Liberty’s Chain: Slavery, Abolition, and the Jay Family of New York Dr. David N. Gellman (Dave) '88 1988 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni
SceneWriting: The Missing Manual for Screenwriters Mr. Christopher H. Perry (Chris) '92 1992 2022 Alumni Parent/Guardian
Seeing the Unseen: Beyond Prejudices, Paradigms, and Party Lines The Reverend Mark M. Beckwith '73 1973 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni
The Bartender's Cure: A Novel Ms. Wesley A. Straton '11 2011 Fiction 2022 Alumni
When Giants Ruled the Sky: The Brief Reign and Tragic Demise of the American Rigid Airship Mr. John J. Geoghegan III '79 1979 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni
Lost and Found Richard H. Rodman M.D. '77 1977 Fiction 2022 Alumni Parent/Guardian
Wildseed Witch Ms. Marti A. Dumas '98 1998 Fiction 2022 Alumni
A Universe of Terms: Religion in Visual Metaphor Ms. Emilie G. Flamme '20 2020 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni
Liberty's Chain: Slavery, Abolition, and the Jay Family of New York Dr. David N. Gellman (Dave) '88 1988 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni
Saving Freud: The Rescuers Who Brought Him to Freedom Mr. Andrew Z. Nagorski (Andy) '69 1969 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni Parent/Guardian
Seven Sublimes Dr. David E. Nye '68 1968 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni
The Lioness: A Novel Mr. Chris Bohjalian '82 1982 Fiction 2022 Alumni Others
That Is Not Your Mind!: Zen Reflections on the Surangama Sutra Dr. Robert L. Rosenbaum '73 1973 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni
Breaking Ranks: How the Rankings Industry Rules Higher Education and What to Do about It Mr. Colin S. Diver '65 1965 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni Others
Garden of Eloquence Dr. Eric P. Henry '72 1972 2022 Alumni
Pan Am Ferry Tales: A World War II Aviation Memoir Mr. Peter H. Schmitt '80 1980 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni
The Paradise Notebooks: 90 Miles Across the Sierra Nevada Dr. Richard J. Nevle (Rich) '87 1987 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni
The Memoirs of Stockholm Sven Mr. Nathaniel I. Miller '01 2001 Fiction 2022 Alumni
Caroline Mr. Adrian Spratt '76 1976 Fiction 2022 Alumni
37 Words: Title IX and Fifty Years of Fighting Sex Discrimination Ms. Sharon E. Boschert (Sherry) '78 1978 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni
Modernist Circumnavigations: Around the World in Jules Verne's Wake Dr. Kevin A. Riordan '01 2001 Non-fiction 2022 Alumni
Names for Light: A Family History Thirii M. Myint Non-fiction 2021 Faculty
The Thief in the Classroom Stuart J. Swensson III, Ph.D. (Jeff) '72 1972 2021 Alumni