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B. Alan Wallace '87 (alumni)

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Minding Closely: The Four Applications of Mindfulness
Snow Lion Publications; 2011; 320 pp.
Contemplative Science: Where Buddhism and Neuroscience Converge
Columbia University Press; 2009; 256 pp.
Hidden Dimensions: The Unification of Physics and Consciousness
Columbia University Press; 2009; 176 pp.
Mind in the Balance: Meditation in Science, Buddhism, and Christianity
Columbia University Press; 2009; 264 pp.
Transcendent Wisdom, Revised Edition
Snow Lion Publications; 2009; 144 pp.
Embracing Mind: The Common Ground of Science and Spirituality
Shambhala; 2008; 272 pp.
The Attention Revolution: Unlocking the Power of the Focused Mind
Wisdom Publications; 2006; 224 pp.
Genuine Happiness: Meditation as the Path to Fulfillment
Wiley Publishers; 2005; 256 pp.
The Taboo of Subjectivity: Toward a New Science of Consciousness
Oxford University Press; 2004; 323 pp.
Buddhism and Science
Columbia University Press; 2003; 432 pp.
Buddhism with an Attitude: The Tibetan Seven-Point Mind Training
Snow Lion Publications; 2003; 288 pp.
Choosing Reality : A Buddhist View of Physics and the Mind
Snow Lion Publications; 2003; 232 pp.
Meditation, Transformation, and Dream Yoga
Snow Lion Publications; 2002; 174 pp.
Realizing Emptiness: Madhyamaka Insight Meditation
Snow Lion Publications; 2002; 136 pp.
Healing from the Source: The Science and Lore of Tibetan Medicine
Snow Lion Publications; 2000; 228 pp.
Naked Awareness: Practical Instructions on the Union of Mahamudra and Dzogchen
Snow Lion Publications; 2000; 344 pp.
Boundless Heart: The Cultivation of the Four Immeasurables
Snow Lion Publications; 1999; 200 pp.
Consciousness at the Crossroads: Conversations with the Dalai Lama on Brainscience and Buddhism
Snow Lion Publications; 1999; 185 pp.
Transcending Time: An Explanation of the Kalachakra Six-Session Guruyoga
Wisdom Publications; 1999; 384 pp.
Bridge of Quiescence: Experiencing Tibetan Buddhist Meditation
Open Court; 1998; 288 pp.
Natural Liberation: Padmasambhava's Teachings on the Six Bardos
Wisdom Publications; 1998; 342 pp.
A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life
Snow Lion Publications; 1997; 175 pp.
A Spacious Path to Freedom: Practical Instructions on the Union of Mahamudra and Atiyoga
Snow Lion Publications; 1997; 240 pp.
Ancient Wisdom: Nyingma Teachings of Dream Yoga, Mediatation & Transformation
Snow Lion Publications; 1993; 176 pp.
Tibetan Buddhism from the Ground Up: A Practical Approach for Modern Life
Wisdom Publications; 1993; 224 pp.
A Passage From Solitude: Training the Mind in a Life Embracing the World
Snow Lion Publications; 1992; 152 pp.
Life and Teaching of Geshe Rabten
Allen & Unwin; 1980; 216 pp.