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Hara Person '86 (alumni/parent/guardian)

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Mishkan T'filah for the House of Mourning
Central Conference of American Rabbis Press; 2010
My Synagogue Scrapbook
Urj Press; 2006; 32 pp.
Stories of Heaven and Earth
Continuum; 2005; 288 pp.
Aleph Isn't Tough: An Introduction to Hebrew for Adults
Urj Press; 2003; 57 pp.
Bet Is for B'Reishit: Hebrew for Adults, Book 3 (Introduction to Hebrew for Adults)
Urj Press; 2003; 193 pp.
Tav Is for Torah (Introduction to Hebrew for Adults)
Urj Press; 2003; 158 pp.
That You May Live Long
Urj Press; 2003; 198 pp.
The Mitzvah of Healing: An Anthology of Jewish Texts, Meditations, Essays, Personal Stories…
Urj Press; 2003; 234 pp.