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James Barnes '54 (alumni/others/parent/guardian)

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Unforeseen: The First Blind Rhodes Scholar
2017; 312 pp.
500 Strong: Wabash College Students in the Civil War
Hawthorne Publishing: ; 2013; 419 pp.
The American Revolution through British Eyes
Kent State University Press; 2012; 1550 pp.
Nazis in Pre-War London, 1930-1939: The Fate and Role of German Party Members and British Sympathizers
Sussex Academic Press: ; 2010; 284 pp.
The American Civil War Through British Eyes: Dispatches From British Diplomats, April 1862-February 1863: Vol. 2
Kent State University Press; 2005; 353 pp.
The American Civil War through British Eyes: Dispatches from British Diplomats, Volume 1, Nov. 1860-Apr. 1862
Kent State University Press; 2003; 336 pp.
Nazi Refugee Turned Gestapo Spy: The Life of Hans Wesemann, 1895-1971
Praeger; 2001; 200 pp.
Private and Confidential: Letters from British Ministers in Washington to the Foreign Secretaries in London, 1844-67
Susquehanna University Press: ; 1993; 475 pp.
Hitler's Mein Kampf in Britain and America: A Publishing History 1930-39
Cambridge University Press; 1980; 172 pp.
Authors, Publishers and Politicians: The Quest for an Anglo-American Copyright Agreement, 1815-54
Routledge; 1974; 326 pp.