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John Dower '59 (alumni/others/parent/guardian)

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Ways of Forgetting, Ways of Remembering
New Press; 2012; 336 pp.
Cultures of War: Pearl Harbor / Hiroshima / 9-11 / Iraq
W.W. Norton & Co.; 2011; 596 pp.
Shomei Tomatsu: Skin of the Nation
Yale University Press; 2004; 224 pp.
Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II
W.W. Norton & Co.; 2000; 680 pp.
Japanese History and Culture from Ancient to Modern Times: Seven Basic Bibliographies
Markus Wiener Publishers; 1997; 459 pp.
Japan in War and Peace: Selected Essays
New Press; 1995; 3845 pp.
Elements Of Japanese Design: Handbook Of Family Crests, Heraldry & Symbolism
Weatherhill; 1990; 184 pp.
Empire and Aftermath: Yoshida Shigeru and the Japanese Experience, 1878-1954
Harvard University Asia Center; 1988; 650 pp.
War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War
Pantheon; 1987; 416 pp.
Hiroshima Murals: The Art of Iri Maruki and Toshi Maruki
Kodansha USA Inc; 1985; 128 pp.