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Melissa Kantor '91 (alumni)

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Maybe One Day
Haper Entertainment; 2014; 304 pp.
The Darlings in Love
Hyperion Books for Children; 2012; 320 pp.
The Darlings Are Forever
Hyperion Books; 2011; 352 pp.
Girlfriend Material
Hyperion Books; 2009; 256 pp.
Invisible I: The Amanda Project, Book One
Harper Teen; 2009; 304 pp.
If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince?
Hyperion Books for Children; 2007; 320 pp.
The Breakup Bible
Hyperion Books; 2007; 265 pp.
Confessions of a Not It Girl
Hyperion Books for Children; 2006; 256 pp.