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Richard Rapson '58 (alumni/parent/guardian)

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The G-String Murders
Xlibris; 2009; 414 pp.
Xlibris; 2008; 384 pp.
Take Up Serpents: The Further Adventures of Firefly, the Tiny Detective
Xlibris; 2007; 244 pp.
The Adventures of Firefly, The Tiny Detective
Xlibris; 2005; 158 pp.
Darwin's Law
Xlibris; 2003; 468 pp.
Recovered Memories
Xlibris; 2003; 316 pp.
SterlingHouse Publisher, Inc.; 2000; 192 pp.
What's Next in Love and Sex: Psychological and Cultural Perspectives
Oxford University Press; 2020; 0 pp.
Dangerous Characters
Xlibris; 2008; 324 pp.
Magical Thinking and The Decline of America
Xlibris; 2007; 212 pp.
Love and Sex: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
UPA : ; 2005; 304 pp.
Amazed By Life: Confessions of a Non-Religious Believer
Xlibris; 2003; 292 pp.
Emotional Contagion: Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction
Cambridge University Press; 1993; 252 pp.
American Yearnings
Univ. Press of America; 1988; 282 pp.
Fairly Lucky You Live Hawaii!: Cultural Pluralism in the Fiftieth State
Univ. Press of America; 1980; 157 pp.
Denials of Doubt
Univ. Press of America; 1978; 472 pp.
The Pursuit of Meaning: America, 1600 to 2000
Univ. Press of America; 1977; 313 pp.
American Life and Thought Since 1880: A Guided Study Course
University of Hawaii Press; 1976
Britons View America: Travel Commentary, 1860-1935
University of Washington; 1971
Major Interpretations of the American Past
Irvington Pub.; 1971
The Cult of Youth in Middle-Class America
D.C. Heath; 1971
Individualism and Conformity in the American Character (Problems in American Civilization)
D.C. Heath; 1967