Title Name Class Year Genre Publication Yearsort icon Role
One False Move Mr. Harlan F. Coben '84 1984 Fiction 1998 Alumni Parent/Guardian
Naming the New World Mr. Calvin L. Baker '94 1994 Fiction 1998 Alumni
Prison Writings in 20th Century America Dr. H. Bruce Franklin (Bruce) '55 1955 Non-fiction 1998 Alumni
Infinite Jest: A Novel David Foster Wallace [d] '85 1985 Fiction 1997 Alumni Others
Answering Chief Seattle Dr. Albert J. Furtwangler (Al) '64 1964 Non-fiction 1997 Alumni
Ancient Israelite Religion Susan Niditch Non-fiction 1997 Faculty Others
After Empire: Scott, Naipaul, Rushdie Dr. Michael E. Gorra '79 1979 Non-fiction 1997 Alumni
The U.S. Open: Game, Set, Unmatched Mr. Roger M. Williams '56 1956 Non-fiction 1997 Alumni
Back Spin Mr. Harlan F. Coben '84 1984 Fiction 1997 Alumni Parent/Guardian
Picasso: The Early Years, 1892-1906 Natasha Staller Non-fiction 1997 Faculty Others Parent/Guardian