An Interview with Pam Allyn '84

Pam Allyn '84

"Reading is breathing in, writing is breathing out."

Children's book editor Phoebe Yeh '84 and classmate Pam Allyn '84 agree that a balanced diet of reading includes not just the "classics" or only books with medals on the jackets. Although, not surprisingly, both conclude that most kids do judge books by their covers.


Allyn/Yeh interviewPam Allyn '84 and Phoebe Yeh '84 interview
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Phoebe Yeh '84

Phoebe Yeh '84 is an editorial director at HarperCollins Children’s Books. She and her team of editors are responsible for the Narnia and Shel Silverstein publishing programs, the Collins and Amistad Children's imprints and the Let’s-Read-and-Find Out science series. Her list includes books by Aliki, Patrick Jennings, Kevin Markey, Walter Dean Myers, Lincoln Peirce, James Ransome, Anne Rockwell, Seymour Simon and Laurence Yep.


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