Ecological Intelligence

Discussion Questions

  1. What is Life Cycle Analysis, and what information does it give us about the things we buy that we did not know before?
  2. Given what Life Cycle Analysis reveals, do you agree that what’s sold today as “Green” is largely a mirage?
  3. Why does the brain’s system for recognizing threats not react to crises like global warming?
  4. Who would be more ecologically intelligent and why: a Bedouin nomad or a Wall Street banker?
  5. Which would be the better ecological choice: buying roses from Kenya or from the Netherlands in London in January? What is the new math that can answer such questions?
  6. How did transparency remove most trans-fats from our diet?
  7. What market dynamic drives a virtuous cycle, where full transparency about the ecological impacts of goods results in more sustainable practices in industry?
  8. What is our chemical “body burden”, and why do current toxicology tests need to be reconceived?
  9. Wal-Mart has announced it is developing a sustainability index for the products it carries. Do you think that one day other retailers will also post eco-ratings of their products along with the price? If so, will it matter to shoppers? To suppliers?
  10. Can ecological transparency in the marketplace drive a perpetual upgrade of the eco-impacts of the things we make and buy?




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