Eyeminded by Kellie Jones '81 - Discussion


I am honored that Amherst Reads chose EyeMinded as the first book on art to discuss in this forum.  Looking back, the freedom to investigate such ideas, and the resources and ability to research them in class, even in courses of my own design, was strongly supported at Amherst.  What a great gift.  Here are a few questions to consider by way of pp 2-3  of EyeMinded’s introduction:

What I want to think about here is how art objects, and the activities around their making and display—in exhibition, homes, studios—as well as their materiality and life, are integral to forming relationships, connections, and kinship among sometimes diverse constituencies.

How is art a connective force, a glue between people, creating the sense of community whole but also of family and affiliation?

Indeed how does the circulation of art forms in public and private arenas create dialogues and sites of collectivity, personal and communal meaning, and how are these formations part of how we craft individual and larger social and political involvements?

How do objects coalesce a public, create a life for artists and audiences and a circle of friendships from the particular to the collective?

In what ways does art become a catalyst for the invention of forms of and places for modes of familial and civic recognition and representation?

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