Jaden Toussaint, The Greatest series

Episode 1: The Quest for Screen Time
Jaden Toussaint is on a mission to convince the grown-ups that he needs more SCREEN TIME. His only weapons are science, ninja dancing, and his super-powered brain power. Can Jaden Toussaint get the grown-ups to change their minds?

Jaden Toussaint, The Greatest: Episode 2: The Ladek Invasion Episode 2: The Ladek Invasion
Jaden Toussaint must save his school from a (possible) alien invasion. Can Jaden Toussaint and his crew come up with a plan that doesn't involve (dunh-dunh-dunh...) the EXTERMINATOR?

Episode 3: Muffin Wars
Jaden Toussaint has finally met his match. His cousin Muffin is every bit as epic as he is—maybe more! Will Jaden Toussaint keep his cool? Will life as we know it end as a result? Will anyone ever eat his Super Sneaky Seven Fruit Fruit Salad Muffins?

Jaden Toussaint, The Greatest: Episode 4: Attack of the Swamp Thing Episode 4: Attack of the Swamp Thing
Jaden Toussaint has a problem. His sister is going to sleepaway camp, and now he must survive five whole days with no one to keep him company but his mother, his father, and all his friends. Sissy being gone is bad enough, but now that she is, who will protect him from...The Swamp Thing?

Episode 5: Mission Star-Power
This time our hero is on a quest—a star quest. JT wants to get a million likes so he can be a famous animal explorer who teaches kids stuff on tv (and possibly Broadway). Unfortunately, his parents won't even let him post the video. How can he get a million likes if he can't even post the video? Never fear. Jaden Toussaint always has a plan.