The Book of Delights: Reviews

"Pick it up, read for ten minutes (start anywhere, really), put it down, and you’ll find that the delights of Gay’s world illuminate the delights of yours, that his wonder is contagious and has caused you to deepen your own." — GQ

"From cover to cover, the beautifully written essays highlight the little miracles that happen all around us. It encourages the reader to slow down, take in each moment and find joy in the everyday." — Today

"His delights might inspire a To Do List for the Aftertimes, which is a form of hope." — "These 3 books are like a big, deep hug from a friend to help you through tough times,"  San Diego Tribune

"The first thing you should know is that the title is not a misnomer. In a climate of serious thoughts about serious subjects, Ross Gay truly does delight, bringing more poetry than usual to an essay collection that challenges the conventions of the form. Some of Gay’s essays are a mere paragraph, others are longer, but they are all about aspects of life worth celebrating. A worthwhile break from the monotony of worldly worries, The Book of Delights reminds its readers to treat themselves to a bit of beauty. We all deserve it.” — The Undefeated

"The Book of Delights is a most delightful book by a most delightful human." — Friends Journal

"Let’s be delighted. Let’s go out and find things that delight us. And let’s ask Ross Gay along — he’s an expert. . . you read him with a smile that makes your face tired because it stays for hours . . .This little book is a summer companion — it will make it summer no matter the season." — The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Ross Gay’s poems are little celebrations of joy, and this book of mini-essays — each centering around a particular “delight,” from sleeping in your clothes to planting tomato seedlings to the nod of greeting between the only two black people in a room — is a pure balm for your soul. Savor one at a time every morning, this summer, or wolf them all down en masse on a gorgeous sunny day." — Good Morning America recommendation by Celeste Ng