Andean Express by Adrian Althoff '04

Andean Express

by Juan de Recacoechea. Translated by Adrian Althoff '04


Dear friends,

Andean Express is based on a trip made by Juan de Recacoechea when he was a teenager from La Paz, Bolivia to Chile's Pacific Coast. In the essay below, Juan weaves that eventful train journey into his own life story, taking us from his peripatetic youth spent between South America and Europe, to his career as a journalist and his beginnings as a novelist back in his native Bolivia. I would like to invite all of you to reflect on the essay and the other materials in this month's feature, and to share your thoughts in this forum. If you would like to contact me or Juan directly, please send an e-mail to:

Juan and I are grateful for your interest and hope you enjoy the book!


Adrian Althoff '04


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