About the Author: Christopher Lehane '90

Current Home
San Francisco, CA

Place of Birth
Methuen, MA

Amherst, 1990, BA (History)
Harvard Law School, 1994, JD

Favorite (most memorable or most influential) class at Amherst
I had so many, including Prof. Levin's Diplo courses, Prof. Helen von Schmidt's Film & Writing, Pof. Dumm and Prof Arkes poli sci classes, Prof. Dizard's social change course and Director Lake's Vietnam War class (to name a few).  

Favorite (most memorable or most influential) professor
I was very lucky to have had a lot of great, great professors -- some of whom were influential far beyond the class -- and gotten to know them at a personal level -- Jan Dizard, Gordie Levin. Tom Dumm, Hadley Arkes, Barry O'Connell to name just some...

Research Interests

Awards and Prizes
Phi Beta Kappa

Favorite Book
I love books... so I will give my favorites from the last several years:  Matterhon, Cutting For Stone, The Book Thief, The Art Of Fielding and, of course, anything by Scott Turrow '70 and Cullen Murphy '74... my favorite political books are What It Takes, Robert Caro's series on LBJ and Anthony Lukas' Common Ground... and my favorites of all time -- To Kill A Mockingbird, Grapes Of Wrath and Heart Of Darkness and the Federalist Papers...

Favorite Author
Publius (Federalist Papers)

Tips for aspiring writers
Don't write with two young boys in the house... and avoid a three month publishing deadline... I met a fiction author recently who told me that he goes to places like Tuscany or the south of France for a year or so to write... and tries to "crank" out a page a day in the morning and use the rest of the time to collect his thoughts... sign me up for that gig next time! 

Tell us a bit about your path to becoming an author
The book is based on what was originally a presentation I would give to different organizations, ranging from professional trade groups to professional sports leagues to legal gatherings to public affairs/political shops, and then it morphed into becoming the outline of a lecture for business school and law school lectures (I lecture at the Stanford Business School)... The literary agent, Mel Berger, suggested the book coming on the heel of a political movie "Knife Fight," the script of which I helped write...