An Interview with Andrew Nagorski '69 and Doug Magee '69


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"There was a real difference between some reporters who tried to report honestly but were very cautious and someone like Edgar Ansel Mowrer who felt genuinely alarmed by what was happening and felt he had to use every method possible to alert the world to what was happening...Mowrer was progressively convinced and was one of the first ones to really figure out Hitler was serious, in terms of Jews, in terms of world domination, in terms of launching a war."

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About the interviewer
Doug Magee '69 is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker living in New York's East Harlem. He is a graduate of Amherst College and Union Theological Seminary. Doug worked as a freelance photojournalist for a number of years and was published in many major magazines and newspapers, including a New York Times front page photo of violence in Portugal. He is the author of Slow Coming Dark, a book of interviews with death row inmates, and What Murder Leaves Behind, profiles of families of murder victims. In addition, he has written three children's books. Never Wave Goodbye, his first novel, was published in June 2010. His second novel, Darkness All Around, was published in October, 2011. His films include the HBO movie Somebody Has to Shoot the Picture and the Showtime movie Beyond the Call.