The goal of Amherst Reads and the Featured Book is to connect community members, both on and off campus, to the intellectual life of the college in new and interesting ways. The intellectual life of the college lives not just on campus in our students and faculty, but it is carried to the world beyond in the work and lives of alumni as well.  We hope to shed light on the vast array of publications offered by Amherst authors in our reading list and we aim to connect readers to some of these authors through our Featured Book. Because we value this connection among our community members so much,  there are a number of components we like to offer with each featured book.

The Interview

We ask that each Featured Book author offer an interviewed with the College to accompany his/her book. A Public Affairs staff can conduct this interview via phone with the aim of posting both print and audio versions online. The interview is a valuable opportunity for readers to hear what the author has to say about their featured book and other relevant topics.

The Review

The Discussion

The Discussion board offers readers an opportunity to conversate with each other and the author around the topics of the featured book. We understand that our community members and authors all lead very busy and demanding lives, but our hope is that the featured authors will agree to check the discussion board and respond from time to time to respond to readers and keep the conversations going. A daily committment is not necessary, however a weekly check in is desirable.

Appearances at Association Events

Working towards the goal of connecting members of the Amherst community in new and interesting ways, we would like to offer appearances by featured authors at regional Association events. This brings the intellectual life of the college to off campus community members and allows readers to engage with authors. We ask that featured book authors be willing to attend one or two Association events in their region. The Office of Alumni and Parent Programs will organize these events.