The Partner Track: A Conversation

A conversation between Helen Wan '95 and Michele Barale, Thalheimer Professor of English and Women's and Gender Studies and Director of the Writing Center; Chair of Women's and Gender Studies.


"I have been really gratified by the number of times that law students, just off of their first summer working in a firm, have come up to me at events and said, 'Thank you so much for writing this book. I felt much less alone after reading it.'"





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InterviewerImage.jpg Michele Barale came to Amherst in 1987 as a visitor in the English Department, filling in (as if anyone ever could) for Eve Sedgwick.  In 1990 she ceased to be a visitor and became an assistant professor, her time equally shared between English and Women's and Gender Studies.  She is currently a full professor in both departments, as well as co-director of the Writing Center.
Barale's work has focused on literature - Willa Cather, in particular -- and queerness, and she is currently working on Willa Cather and photography as well as co-editing, with Rose Olver (Professor Emerita of Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies), an anthology on Gender and Labor.