Routes of Man

An Interview with Ted Conover '80 and Cullen Murphy '74

Ted Conover '80

It's no secret why we build roads. We use them to move people and goods, to grow economies, to bind nations together, but in every case something is lost.  Maybe it's as simple as a sense of tranquility... maybe it's a sense of a culture as something complete and secure.  Roads can cause a lot of disruption." ~ Ted Conover '80

Listen to author Ted Conover  and fellow alum Cullen Murphy discuss how, from ancient Rome to the present, roads have played a crucial role in human life, advancing civilization even as they set it back.
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Cullen Murphy '74
Cullen Murphy is the editor at large at Vanity Fair and the former managing editor of the Atlantic Monthly. He is the author of Are We Rome, The Word According to Eve and the essay collection Just Curious. Murphy lives in Boston, Massachusetts.