A Thread of Sky: An Interview with Deanna Fei ’99 and Paola Zamperini


What this family discovers in the novel is also how this drive to be independent and strong above anything else has also driven them apart from each other, because how do you connect, how do you find those bonds again when you don't have a language for talking about being hurt or being vulnerable or being scared or having failed at something so that's part of the journey that they have to face on this tour of china.”

A stunning debut, A Thread of Sky is the story of a family of women and the powerful thread that binds their lives. In following the paths chosen by six fiercely independent women, A Thread of Sky explores the terrain we must travel to recognize the strength and vulnerability of those closest to us.

fei-zamperini%20interviewAn interview with Deanna Fei ’99 and Professor Paola Zamperini
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Paola - China

Paola Zamperini, Ph.D. in Chinese literature and women’s and gender studies (1999), is Associate Professor of Asian Languages and Civilizations at Amherst College. She has published extensively on Ming and Qing fiction, and is currently at work on her new book project, Spellbound. Gambling in Chinese Literature.