What is the Wade Fellow Program?

“The Harold Wade, Jr. Memorial Fund Fellowships is designed to supplement the College’s career counseling by bringing back one to two black graduates each year to meet with all students.  The returning black alumni/ae will be from all walks of life and all age groups, and will share their Amherst and post-Amherst experiences with students through participation in classes, informal meetings, and lecturing.” Wade Fund description and solicitation from Richard Ammons ’74 and Thomas Hooper ’75, June 1981

2014-15 Wade Fellow Activities:

Food for Thought Dinner Conversation with Njoki Gitahi'04, Senior Communications Designer at IDEO

Students interested in entrepreneurship and design thinking are encouraged to attend this Food for Thought series dinner conversation with Amherst College Wade Fellow Njoki Gitahi'04, a Senior Communication Designer at IDEO New York.

In addition to focusing on impactful visual design, Njoki works to understand and communicate the latent needs and behaviors that drive individuals, communities and organizations, and to create holistic experiences that empower them to make positive change in the world. Njoki has worked in print, digital interaction, video and environment on a range of branding, experience, and retail design projects. She has a penchant for playful typographic exploration and working with her hands to make things tangible.

Prior to IDEO, Njoki worked at the American Museum of Natural History in New York as an assistant curator in the petrology collection and as an academic tutor. She received her Bachelor of Arts in geology from Amherst College and an MFA in Graphic Design from Yale. She credits her experience in the sciences with informing her design process—both involve intensive field research, insight synthesis, and scrappy prototypes.

Friday, March 24th at 5:30 pm in Porter Lounge.  Please RSVP through Quest. Space is limited.

Previous Wade Fellows Activities:

  • Wade Fellows Pre-Professional Speakers Series
  • Meet with students and student groups
  • Meet with college administrators
  • Homecoming networking reception and networking training session
  • Participate in Black Alumni Weekend and other affinity alumni celebrations

Who are the Wade Fellows?

Past Wade Fellows:

2013-14  Kim Wyche-Etheridge M.D. ’87, Frank Thompson ’87

2011-13   Marissa E. Horne '00, Matthew M. Murumba '04

2008-11   Stanley Francois-Calhoun ’94, Nicole D. Scott ’97

2006-08  Kimberlyn R. Leary ’82, L’Quentus Thomas ’97

2000-02  A Pierre Jackson ’78, Kimberlee Wyche-Etheridge ’87

1998-99   Yvette Mendez ’84

1996-98   Susan Prattis ’80

1990-92   Richard V. Sims ’70, Cheryl Singleton ’81

1988-89    Kellie Jones ’81

1984-85    L. Robert Bolling ’82

1983-84    Cuthbert (Tuffy) Simpkins II ’69

1982-83    Cuthbert (Tuffy) Simpkins II ’69

1981-82    Wayne M. Wormley ’72

1980-81    Hugh B. Price ’63

1979-80   Junius Williams ’65

1977-78   Guichard Parris ’27