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Share your Amherst Memories and Traditions!

e-News 12/08: tradition 2

In an effort both to revive and preserve Amherst College traditions, Alumni and Parent Programs is collecting traditions and memories from Alumni young and old. We are hoping to incorporate some submissions into materials that we give to incoming students and graduating seniors. Some traditions submitted here appear on the current gift given to incoming and graduating students.  Check them out!

If you are a current student, what traditions have been passed on to you? 

If you are an alum, what Amherst traditions do you remember?

Do you have any noteworthy, meaningful, or funny stories?  What were significant parts of campus life during your time on campus? Did you inherit any Amherst lore that you’d care to share? Were there any class, group, or campus-wide rituals in your day? What Amherst wisdom would you like to preserve for today’s students?

Please submit your stories below!

If you'd prefer to mail in your submission, please send it to:
Kristen Ford
Amherst College Box 2220
Amherst MA 01002-5000.

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