Amherst College Google Group guidelines:

Amherst College's office of Alumni and Parent programs agrees to extend access to the College's Google Group platform for the purpose of helping members of the alumni community maintain their connections to one another. Please note that Google Groups are meant for alumni only. If you would like to subscribe to a group, please send an email to Jessica Bonzek at

You can use these groups to: reconnect with one another, engage in sharing and discussion, share photos and memories of Amherst, as well as new experiences and thoughts post-Amherst.

You cannot use these groups for personal or financial gain, for business purposes or to raise funds.

Groups may not be used to endorse candidates or potential candidates for the alumni trustee election.

Do not reproduce 3rd party content to a listserv without the author's expressed approval. Do not blind copy individuals that would not otherwise be included in the list.

Participants in groups may not represent or imply that their opinions represent those of the Amherst Society of Alumni. 

Use good judgment and be thoughtful about humor and sarcasm.

Google Group participants including group administrators and members also agree to provide reasonable assistance at the request of Amherst and its representatives to address any violations of this policy as determined by Amherst.

Google Group communications and all users of the site, including group administrators and members, are bound by Amherst's Terms & Conditions of Use. A violation of these terms and conditions and/or Google Group Guidelines above will result in the post being removed. The user who violated the terms or guidelines may potentially lose access to the College's Google Group platform.

Amherst College reserves the right to remove inactive groups.

Here are solutions for a few common questions about Google Groups

What is the difference between a college generated communication and a Google group Communication?

The purpose of college generated communication is to promote college or class related news, programs and events. The college will send such communications from individuals who, as volunteers, are acting on behalf of the institution.  The college will not use resources to provide a platform for an individual’s personal opinions or causes since this format does not permit an exchange of ideas or give an equal opportunity to participate in the discussion.

A Google Group is open to all members of the designated class or group and does provide an opportunity for an exchange of ideas within the guidelines specified in the terms and conditions outlined above.  Topics of discussion are brought forth by the members of the group.

How can I send an email to the list, now that is on Google Groups?

Google Groups can function as a simple email list. Just email the new address and your email will be received by everyone on the list. Using this basic function is the most straightforward way for alumni to connect through Google Groups.

Is there a URL that will allow me to view previous discussion threads by topic, as in the old listserv?

Users with a gmail account can log into Google Groups, which offers a view of the previous discussion threads. This view is similar in function to the old listserv URL view. (

Do I need to have a Gmail account?
  • You do not need a Gmail account to send and receive messages in Google Groups.
  • You do need a Gmail account if you want to change your user settings, or if you want to log into Google Groups for the purpose of viewing discussion threads by topic.
How do I change my user settings? (so that a user can view discussion threads by topic)
  1. Log into Google Groups ( Users must have a google/gmail account to do this (users without google accounts will receive the emails and are able to use the lists, but aren't able to access the back end of the tool). Go here to learn about setting up a gmail account.
  2. Once in Google Groups, choose "My Groups" to find your desired group, and select it.
  3. Now select the user setting drop down menu from the upper right hand corner which provides the following options:  membership and email settings, leave this group, my global settings, my topic email subscriptions and change display language.
  4. Click on "membership and email settings"
  5. Under "email delivery preference" click on the drop-down menu and select the preference that works best for you. They are: don't send email updates, send daily summaries, send combined updates (25 messages per email) and, notify me for every new message
Where can I learn more about using Google groups?

There is a wealth of knowledge and helpful tips on the Google groups support site here:

I can't change my Google group email address:

To update your email address, please contact Jessica Bonzek at

How do I unsubscribe from a group

There is a link at the end of every Google Group email that will allow you to unsubscribe.

Please note that updating your Google Group email address will not update the trusted email address that is associated with your Amherst account. To update your trusted email address on file, please notify our alumni office at