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2013 Alumni Survey

This spring 42% of Amherst alumni participated in a comprehensive alumni survey conducted in collaboration with a group of highly selective colleges and universities. Survey responses were analyzed across six generations: World War II (classes of 1938- 1949), Post World War II (1950-1967), Baby Boomer (1968-1978), Early Coeducation at Amherst (1979-1986), GenX (1987-2002), and Millennial (2003-2008). Alumni in the five most recent classes received a shorter survey focused on graduate school and their careers.

Alumni eagerly shared their responses—three open-ended questions concerning student life and strategic issues, as well as the opportunity to expand on any question in the survey yielded 11,856 responses, equal to 1,100 printed pages! View survey results here.

What Can You Do With an Amherst Degree?

Among many other results, the survey compares the academic majors of alumni in their late 20s and early 30s with the industries in which they currently work. Across generations, roughly half of survey respondents say their current position is unrelated to their undergraduate field of study. Also across generations, survey respondents feel Amherst prepared them well to write clearly, to acquire knowledge and to think logically, analytically and critically.

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 Physical Sciences

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Biological Sciences

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 Social Sciences

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[Alumni Survey Result ]



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