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Notice of Election

To the Members of the Society of the Alumni of Amherst College:

Earlier this year, the Committee to Nominate Alumni Trustees invited nominations from alumni of candidates for the one vacant trusteeship position to be filled by the alumni this May. The nominations which have been received for the one vacant trusteeship position to be filled by the alumni have been reviewed and confirmed by the Committee to Nominate Alumni Trustees.

Announcement is hereby made that, in alphabetical order, the names of the candidates nominated by the Committee are as follows: Susannah Grant, Class of 1984; Stephen A. Mugford, Class of 1989; and James A. Squires, Class of 1983.

Margaret M. Hart '82
Michael E. Morris '00
Michael P. Sarsynski, Jr. '73

Inspectors of Election
Amherst College, April 2015

Candidates' Statements

The Executive Committee of the Alumni Council presented the following question to each candidate:

“What are the College's greatest opportunities and/or challenges, and how will your experiences and perspectives help inform your leadership as a trustee?”

Each candidate has been afforded the opportunity to include a supplemental statement with the ballot and on these webpages. Separate, independent mailings or other communications are not encouraged.

Each member of the Society of the Alumni is entitled to cast a ballot in the election of one trustee from among the above-named nominees for one six-year term caused by the expiration of the term of James C. Tsai, Class of 1985 on June 30, 2015.

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  • Vote online. Log in with your Amherst username and password. Forgot your password? (Alumni with an email address on file are requested to vote online.)
  • Vote by mail using the ballot sent to you. Remember to sign your ballot. (Alumni who do not have an email address on file received a paper ballot.)

In the event that a vote is received by both written ballot and electronic ballot, the ballot received first will be the one counted. Ballots to be counted must be received at Amherst College, on or before noon on Monday, May 18, 2015 when the polls close.

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