Amherst College Regional Associations Officers' Handbook

Welcome to the Amherst College Regional Associations network. Over fifty associations located across the country and abroad offer alumni a variety of ways to connect with other Amherst graduates, parents, families and friends. Alumni who are relocating or traveling can tap into the resources and attend the events of these associations, joining a community based on a common affinity for The Fairest College.

By volunteering your time and energy to coordinate the activities of the local Amherst constituency, you are playing a vital role in promoting a positive and meaningful post-Amherst experience. Amherst is fortunate to have you among our cadre of nearly 2,000 volunteers who lead regional groups, foster class unity, disseminate information about classmates, raise funds, plan reunions, recruit prospective students, and provide advice and leadership for the College.

The following information is intended to help you organize successful Association events, developing and maintaining a loyal base of support along the way. We hope to pass along the accumulated wisdom of both the Office of Alumni and Parent Programs and the many alumni who have volunteered their time over the years.

The Office of Alumni and Parent Programs is committed to working with you to help your Association remain a vital link to Amherst. We certainly hope you will enjoy your role as an ambassador of the College as well as the opportunity to connect with other alumni.



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